— 09. 04. 2024
— 09. 04. 2024

The latest edition of the Cap-Martinique, sets sail on 14 April from La Trinité-sur-Mer

To note in this press release:

  • Edition two of the Cap-Martinique leaves Brittany on Sunday 14 April
  • It links La Trinité sur Mer (Morbihan) and Fort de France (Martinique)
  • The event is open to amateur single-handed and double-handed sailors
  • 60 boats, 100 sailors registered


In a repeat of the 2022 edition, the start will be given in La Trinité-sur-Mer Credit: JM Liot / Disobey / Cap Martinique

The Cap-Martinique is back! Following on from the success of the first edition, in 2022, the transatlantic race for amateurs is returning and entry tickets are already sold out. Indeed, on 14 April 2024, some 60 boats will take the start of the race from La Trinité-sur-Mer (Morbihan) bound for Fort-de-France in Martinique. Designed specifically for amateurs, the Cap Martinique is the race of a lifetime and the only such event to offer sailors the opportunity to cross the Atlantic without stopovers. It provides a gateway to the Atlantic for experienced sailors eager to pit themselves against the weather systems which punctuate the course between Brittany’s Morbihan region and the ‘Island of Flowers’.
Organisers Thibaut Derville and Jean-Philippe Cau are thrilled by the fascination for this event. “The dream of crossing the Atlantic is still very much in evidence. It is the most significant challenge one can commit to as an amateur; it doesn’t get better than this,” they enthuse. For this latest edition, they are delighted to have such a diverse line-up, ranging from regulars to new faces. Many of those who signed up for the first Cap-Martinique have opted to come back for more, won over by the sporting challenge as much as the spirit of camaraderie. “Nearly half the competitors from the last edition are back because they so enjoyed the conviviality of the race. They are thrilled to get the chance to come together again.” These include Alexandre Ozon, winner of the last edition in solo format, as well as great adventurers like Joé Seeten, 10th in the Vendée Globe in 2001. Some competitors are setting sail with friends, others with family, and all with the desire to push back their own limits a little further.
The sailors are also well aware that the finest adventures are shared and that they are not setting sail alone. In fact, each boat, in line with the Notice of Race, has to fly the flag of their skipper’s cause of choice. In this way, some 60 charitable associations, committed to protecting the oceans, children and the environment and championing social causes, will inject added soul into this new style of transatlantic race. “We’ve noticed that the sailors are defending their particular cause with great conviction. During the first edition, it was a brand-new concept but we can see that both the sailors and the associations have really rallied together around this concept. It has become a rule that is understood, anticipated and appreciated by one and all,” continue Thibaut and Jean-Philippe.
For this second edition, the organisers have decided to offer visitors a much more wide-reaching experience. Thanks to the additional support of the local authorities, this year’s race village is hosting over 2,500 m2 of entertainment and a plethora of exhibitors in La Trinité-sur-Mer. It opens its doors on 6 April 2024. 

The Cap Martinique in figures:
60 competing boats
100 sailors at the start
7 nationalities (FRA, USA, BEL, POR, GBR, RSA, NED)
20 solo sailors
40 double-handed sailors
2,500 m2: surface area of the start village
14 April: start date for all 
5 May: ETA for the first boats
19 to 22: the number of days at sea for the majority of competitors 
30 to 40 feet (around 10 to 12 metres): length of the boats

3,800 miles (7,000 km) to sail non-stop


Interview with Thibaut Derville and Jean-Philippe Cau:
“This race’s success stems from its DNA. It is a race born at the request of skippers and it continues to go from strength to strength thanks to that. First and foremost, it is a race for amateurs geared towards conviviality. These are powerful adventures. It often comes down to realising a dream, which is not within the reach of just anybody. The dream of crossing the Atlantic is still very much in evidence. It remains quite an achievement and nothing tops that. You can’t beat it. We’re fortunate to boast a team of enthusiasts with a number of volunteers bringing both their energy and their experience to bear for the success of the event.”


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