— 13. 04. 2024
— 13. 04. 2024

Departure imminent for the Cap-Martinique

To note in this press release:
– Edition two of the Cap-Martinique starts tomorrow in La Trinité-sur-Mer
– The boats dock out from 11:00 hours
– Parade to follow from the Môle Loïc Caradec
– Copyright-free photos and videos for the press

A festive ambiance takes over La Trinité-sur-Mer. Tomorrow, from 11:00
hours, the competitors in the Cap-Martinique will set a course for the
open ocean. After weeks of preparations in the village and sharing time
with their nearest and dearest, the moment the sailors cast off is sure to
see emotions running high. Amidst a chorus of Breton bagpipes and
cheers from the public, the 100 sailors will make for the Dreamyacht
starting line. “With a boat docking out every 90 seconds, the ceremony
will take an hour and a half,” explains Jean-Philippe Cau, co-organiser of
the event. The public can enjoy the spectacle from the Môle Loïc Caradec,
in the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer as well as from the coast. 

The fleet of 60 boats will be released into the open ocean at 15:00 hours
local time on the dot by a starting gun fired from La Garonne, the French
Navy vessel. According to the latest forecasts, the wind will be light but
will quickly fill in. Once the competitors have headed out to sea, they’ll be
able to hoist a spinnaker, which might well remain flying from the
masthead all the way to the finish in Martinique in early May.



From left to right: Gilles Dufeigneux, Franz Thodiard, Yves Normand, Jean-Philippe Cau, Luc Joue de Grandmaison, Alexandre Ventadour and Jean-Philippe Cau.

Alexandre Ventadour
Vice-Chairman of the CMT, Elected representative of the Conseil Territorial de
Martinique, President of Martinique Développement

“It’s quite exciting to be able to witness the start of a transatlantic race, which is
set to finish in Martinique. I am very proud because it goes by the name of Cap-
Martinique, which means that it has a strong identity for us. It’s a race for
amateurs, which it is important to highlight because these are people who have
decided to cross the Atlantic through passion, on top of which they are flying the
flag of an association. These are values that we share. Martinique is already an
island associated with boating and, together with the CMT, we intend to make
that bond even stronger. Martinique is an extraordinary island and we are very
pleased to be in La Trinité-sur-Mer to give people the chance to learn all about
it and inspire them to come and visit us.”

Frantz Thodiard

Deputy Mayor of Fort-de-France, Vice-Chairman of the CACEM, President of
the port of L’Etang Z’Abricots

“There is a virtually indestructible bond between La Trinité-sur-Mer and
Martinique. Legendary French sailor Eric Tabarly, who came from La Trinité-sur-
Mer, married a lady from Martinique, therefore Martinique is married to La
Trinité-sur-Mer. This is the mindset that prompted our arrival in La Trinité-sur-
Mer and we’ve made the most of the opportunity to visit the ports of France’s
Morbihan region during our time here. It’s a very powerful source of inspiration
for us. We are also paying close attention to the surrounding commercial
development designed to allow the population to take ownership of the ports.
The locals in Martinique have only fairly recently taken ownership of the
surrounding seas. We must find openings with real prospects and develop
networks for our young people. The marine industry is a gateway to the future.”

Gilles Dufeigneux
Departmental councillor for the Morbihan, deputy vice-chairman championing
the region’s attractiveness and its ability to host major events.

“The Morbihan is a big sailing department. It is part of our genetic make-up.
There are some large shipyards, great naval architects and wonderful creations.
What appeals to us is the historical link between Brittany and the West Indies. It
is a reality that we’re kind of reinventing through this race. It is a fantastic non-
stop transatlantic race for amateurs. I’ve been won over by the popular,
productive, sporting and joyful character of this event, not to mention its positive
economic dimension. We have supported the first two editions and we will
naturally fully support the next one.”

Yves Normand,
Mayor of La Trinité-sur-Mer

“All the boats are flying the flag of an association, which is a major feature of
the event and very much a part of the current climate. We can see it in some of
the other races here, where particular causes are defended, but here every one
of the participants is obliged to support a cause, as it is part of the specifications
for the race. Two years ago, the region’s children built a kind of totem to defend
the cause of sick children and they handed over the baton at the finish in

Martinique. I believe that such gestures strengthen the relationship between our
two ports of La Trinité-sur-Mer and Fort-de-France. They are wonderful
messages and they are a step up from a message in a bottle launched into the


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